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 Gymnastics and early childhood movement education are directly attributed to developing neurological pathways and promoting reading readiness.... Children who have participated in movement education activities have longer attention spans, increased communication skills, general problem solving skills, and improved self-esteem.

USECA Newsletter, July 2003

Welcome to our preschool gymnastics program! Gymnastics is a great starting place for your child! In gymnastics, your child will improve their motor skills, co-ordination, balance, strength, and agility. And, they will have a ton of fun doing it! 

Children naturally want to move and to challenge themselves (and you!), as they explore, develop, and master physical abilities. So let them move with us in a space that is created just for that purpose! In preschool class they get to climb, run, jump, swing, and roll to their hearts delight as they gain the basic foundational skills for gymnastics. 

Opportunities for preschool age children include:

  • Preschool Playgroup (Open gym for children walking through 5 years old)
  • Itty Bitty Bounders (Parent Participation class)
  • Fire Flies (3yrs)
  • Dragon Flies (4-5yrs)
  • Mama's Mondays (3-5yrs)

Preschool Playgroup

There will be no Preschool Playgroup from

June 9th through August 22nd.  

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Check back for our fall schedule.

Age: Walking - 5 years old

Class Length: 1 hour

Monday through Friday 11AM to 12PM

Saturdays 10AM to 11AM and 11:30AM to 12:30PM

$8 for one child/ $12 for siblings

Preschool Playgroup is a favorite for kids and parents alike. For playgroup, our gym becomes your playground. We set up fun stations and activities throughout the gym. Parents and children choose the activities that interest them most, including obstacle courses, pit games, trampoline time, swinging, sliding, climbing, and playing on an inflatable. Every time you come it's a new fitness adventure. 

Itty Bitty Bounders (Parent Participation Class)

Age 2-4 years

Class length: 45 minutes

Cost: $54 based on a 4 week month

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Itty Bitties is an all-around gymnastics class where children and parents participate together. The curriculum includes rotations to bars, beam, floor, and trampoline as well as music and rhythm activities. There is also an emphasis on learning important social skills like listening, taking turns, and respecting classmates. 

Fire Fly and Dragon Fly

Age 3-5 years

Class length: 45 minutes

Cost: $54 based on a 4 week month

CLICK HERE>> School Year 2013-2014 class schedule

When children have reached the level of maturity needed to function in a structured class without a parent at their side, they are ready to become a Fire Fly (3 years old) or Dragon Fly (4 to 5 years old), depending on their age. In these classes children will master foundational gymnastics skills on bars, beam, floor, and trampoline. Motor skill development and social skill development are also principle components of our preschool gymnastics programs.

Bring your child in for free trial class! Call us for details!

Mama's Mondays

Age 3-5 years

Every Monday

9:30 AM-12:00PM

Cost $25

Mama's Monday was created just for you!  Now you can start off each week getting errands & appointments out of the way while your little one spends time learning and moving with us.  Please pre-register before each Monday.  Spots are limited.

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